Update to Technical Information - FECS-series Electrochemical Gas Sensors


We are pleased to announce that Technical Information data sheets for the following products have been released:


FECS44-100/-200 [Ammonia Sensor]
FECS50-100 [Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor]
FECS42-20 [Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor]

Please visit the Products page for each product when downloading data sheets.
FECS44-100 Product page>>
FECS44-200 Product page>>
FECS50-100 Product page>>
FECS42-20 Product page>>

The most notable features of the FECS-series three-electrode electrochemical gas sensors are small influence by interference gases and their unique leak-proof structure, making them ideal for gas monitors and detectors in various fields.

These sensors are now available.
For inquiries on these products, please feel free to contact us at: https://www.figaro.co.jp/en/contact/form.html.