Corona Virus Update - April 2020


On April 7, 2020 a State of Emergency was declared in Japan with the government issuing a stay-at-home guideline. As a result, Figaro Engineering Inc., the manufacturer of Figaro gas sensors and parent company of Figaro USA Inc, has adopted a work-from-home policy. However, due to the life-essential nature of its products, Figaro Engineering Inc. will continue operations while taking all steps necessary to insure the health and safety of its employees.

Work from home: April 8 - April 28

Shutdown for national holidays (i.e. Golden Week): April 29 - May 6

As a result of these measures, manufacturing and delivery operations will continue, however lead times may be longer than ordinarily expected during this period. Figaro will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience this may cause to its customers and business partners and would appreciate their understanding in these challenging times.

Further updates will be posted as the situation evolves.