Conformity of TGS5042 to EN50545-1/World leader in gas sensing innovation

Technical note - Conformity of TGS5042 to EN50545-1

EN50545-1 is the new European standard EN50545-1 for the detection and measurement of toxic and combustible gases in car parks and tunnels, which has been established since September, 2011.

Figaro has investigated whether Figaro electrochemical type CO sensor with two electrodes (model# TGS5042) can conform to the requirements for detection and measurement of carbon monoxide as specified by the standard.

The following required tests in the standard were carried out at Figaro's laboratory.
6.2 Unpowered storage
6.3 Linearity
6.4 Repeatability
6.5 Temperature
6.6 Humidity
6.10 Interfering gases
6.11 Recovery from high gas concentrations
6.14 Response time
6.16 Long-term stability

These results verify that sensor output falls within the specifications required by the standard, confirming that TGS5042 can meet this performance standard.

For more information, please refer to the attached file.