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Lead-Free Electrochemical Type Oxygen Sensors Meets RoHS2 directive Long life KE-LF Series Galvanic type Coming soon TGS4260 Potentiostatic Electrolysis type


KE-LF Series

  • Galvanic type
  • Long life
  • Weak acid electrolyte
  • Simple circuit
  • Virtually no interference from CO2


TGS4260Coming soon

  • Potentiostatic electrolysis type
  • Compact / Industrial standard package
  • Quick response
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • No position dependency

The KE-LF Series (KE-25LF and KE-25F3LF) are unique galvanic oxygen sensors developed by Maxell, Ltd. in Japan. Their most notable features are lead-free, long life expectancy, excellent chemical durability, and no interference from CO2. KE-LF Series oxygen sensors are ideal to meet the ever-increasing demand for oxygen monitoring in various fields such as combustion gas monitoring, the biochemical field, domestic combustion appliances, etc.
Evaluation samples of other new KE-LF series products; KE-12F3LF (Quick response), KE-50LF (10 year life), and KE-25F3LFM (0~100% O2 range) are also available from the same production line.

TGS4260 is a potentiostatic electrolysis type oxygen sensor which has a wide measuring range and a wide operating temperature range. Its performance is compliant with the technical requirements of relevant US and European standards. It is easy to incorporate this sensor in size oriented applications such as portable oxygen detectors and multi-gas detectors.

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