TGS6810,TGS6812 and FCM6812

TGS6810,TGS6812 and FCM6812


Residential LNG and LPG alarms
Detectors for LNG and LPG
Hydrogen and combustible gas leak detectors for fuel cell applications


Figaro Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce its latest offering-the TGS68series of catalytic type gas sensors and their related products. In addition to the pre-calibrated module FCM6812, Figaro offers two gas sensor models-TGS6810 for methane/LP gas detection, and TGS6812 for methane/LP gas/H2 gas detection.

The most notable feature of these sensors is their “Fail Safe” design concept. With conventional catalytic type sensors, sensor output in gas tends to decrease over time due to deterioration of the catalyst. Such deterioration creates the risk that no alarm may be generated even if a gas leakage were to occur.

Figaro catalytic type sensors are designed so that sensor output in gas tends to increase in the long run. This is accomplished by changing the material and bead size between detector element and compensator element. In addition, by embedding the catalyst deep inside the sensing element, the sensor becomes more durable against silicone vapors and corrosive gases, such as SO2, than conventional type sensors. Furthermore, since the sensor possesses an adsorbent inside its sensor cap, its cross sensitivity to alcohol is much smaller than that of traditional catalytic type sensors.

These sensors are ideal for stationary gas detectors or monitoring systems for combustible gases. However, due to the instability of output voltage in air (Vout in air), these sensors are not suitable for gas analyzers or measurement applications where very high accuracy is required.

As a related product, Figaro has FCM6812, a pre-calibrated module that uses hydrogen sensor TGS6812.
It includes the following features:
* Linear analog output proportional to gas concentration
* Maintenance free usage
* Self diagnosis
* Compact size and low cost

This module has been used for hydrogen leak detection in stationary type fuel cells throughout Asia, North America US and European countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the sensor have temperature and humidity dependency?
No. It is unaffected by temperature and humidity.
What kind of gases could damage the sensor?
Typical poisoning gases are silicone vapors which may be present in adhesives or hair grooming materials. If silicone vapors adsorb onto catalyst surface, the detector element will be coated, irreversibly inhibiting sensitivity. For more information, please refer to the Operating principle page.
Does the sensor have an explosion proof structure?
The sensor has explosion proof structure which meets IEC60079-15:2001 requirements.


Model number TGS 6810 TGS 6812
Sensing element type Catalytic
Target Gases Methane, propane, iso-butane Hydrogen, methane, iso-butane
Typical detection range 0~100%LEL of each gas
Standard circuit conditions Operating voltage 3.0±0.1V AC/DC
Electrical characteristics under standard test conditions Heater current 175mA (typical)
Heater power consumption 525mW (typical)
Zero offset -15 ~ +55mV
Output sensitivity
Hydrogen - 12~22mV in 4000ppm
Methane 13~23mV in 5000ppm
Iso-butane 6~14mV in 1800ppm
Response time (T90) ≤15 sec.
Standard test conditions Test gas conditions Methane/iso-butane in air at 20±2˚C, 65±5%RH Hydrogen/methane/iso-butane in air at 20±2˚C, 65±5%RH
Circuit conditions 3.0±0.05V AC/DC
Conditioning period before test ≤30 sec.
Operating conditions -10˚C~+50˚C, ≤95%RH
(w/o dew condensation)
-10˚C~+70˚C, ≤95%RH
(w/o dew condensation)
Storage conditions -10˚C~+60˚C, ≤95%RH
(w/o dew condensation)
-10˚C~+80˚C, ≤95%RH
(w/o dew condensation)
Product name Combustible gas sensor module
Model No. FCM6812-P00
Gas sensor TGS6812(catalytic type)
Detection range 0 to 14,000ppm of H2
(also can detect methane, iso-butane, and propane)
Output signal 0~4.5V DC(up to maxVIN)
Normal operation Vout=[H2 conc(ppm)/4000]+1.0
Vout in air 1.0 ±0.2V(*)
Vout in 8000ppm H2 3.0 ±0.2V(*)
Trouble Vout=0~0.1V
(recommended threshold for trouble detection=0.2V)
Response time (T90)
to 4000ppm H2
≤30 seconds
Warm up time
≤30 seconds
Operating conditions -10˚~+60˚C,5~95%RH (avoid condensation)
Storage conditions -10˚~+60˚C,5~95%RH
Input voltage 5.0±0.2V DC
Power consumption approx 1.0W
Weight approx. 15g
Dimensions 50x30x24.4mm
Position dependency Mount so that the two lug holes are in a horizontal position
Standard test conditions Ambient conditions 20±2˚C,65±5%RH
Circuit conditions 5.0±0.2V DC
Conditioning period prior to test ≥10min.

* represents sensor output under standard test conditions

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