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What type of gas sensors does Figaro offer?
We have MOS type, electrochemical type, and catalytic type gas sensors. Please refer to the Products page for further detail.
Do gas sensors have sensitivity to gases other than the target gases?
The effects of interference gases differ according to sensor model and sensing principle. Please refer to the sensitivity characteristics graphs of the product information sheets available for each sensor.
Please let us know the detection range of Figaro gas sensors.
Since the detection range differs according to the sensor model and the sensing principle, please refer to the specifications for each sensor. In general, MOS type sensors are suitable for lower gas concentrations, while electrochemical sensors and catalytic type sensors are suitable for higher gas concentrations.
What kind of applications can Figaro sensors be used for?
Figaro sensors are suitable for a wide variety of finished products such as residential gas leak detectors and alarms, air quality monitors, and automotive ventilation control. Please refer to the Products page for further detail.
How should gas sensors be stored?
Please store in clean indoor air at normal room temperature (20˚C). Cautions related to storage conditions will differ according to the sensor model, so please refer to the cautions described in each sensor's documentation.
What is the warranty?
One year from the date of the original retail purchase of products.
Do you have any application notes for designing gas detectors?
Yes. Contact your local distributor.
I need a list of precautions for using gas sensors.
Precautions for sensor usage can be accessed using the following links.
Mos type Click Here >>
Catalytic type Click Here >>
Electrochemical type (TGS5000series) Click Here >>
Electrochemical type (FECS series) Click Here >>
NDIR type Click Here >>


What are the terms and conditions of sale for Figaro USA, Inc.?

Please refer to our terms & conditions.
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Can gas sensors or related products be repaired?
Repairs should never be attempted for gas sensors and related products. Instead, they should be replaced.
We are using a finished product manufactured by a third party in which a Figaro gas sensor is installed. For maintenance purposes, can I order replacement/maintenance parts from Figaro?
Figaro sensors are not plug-and-play products. The process of installing a gas sensor into a finished product usually requires the device to be calibrated. Without calibration according to the device maker's instructions, the device may not function as expected and safety may be compromised. Users should not attempt to replace gas sensors unless they can perform this calibration process, which typically involves exposing the target gas. In most cases, calibration is a proprietary process. Please contact the finished product's manufacturer for guidance on replacement/maintenance.
Where can I buy Figaro gas sensors?

Please contact Figaro USA Inc. for US, Canadian and Mexican customers.
For customers in other countries or areas, please click here to find your local distributor.

What is the minimum order quantity?

When ordering from Figaro USA Inc, there is no minimum order quantity. Please check with your local distributor for their minimum order policy.

Can I use a credit card or paypal© for payment?

When ordering from Figaro USA Inc, direct payment with a credit card is not available. However, payment via Paypal is accepted.
Please contact Figaro USA for details on how to pay via Paypal.